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I Love Extreme Volume Mascara Curl&Volume

S.R 17

extreme volume just got crazy! the sister to i love extreme mascara, this crazy volume mascara with a unique elastomer brush provides intense, defined volume! opthalmologically tested...

Mavala Double Lash Care Mascara Clear 10ml

S.R 86

Mavala Nourishing Lash Mascara, gives your eyelashes a nourishing care of a natural formula rich in vitamins and necessary proteinsMavala mascara also strengthens eyelashes and eyebrows, ensuring a more natural, intense resultAn ideal choice for longer, fuller and stronger eyelashes...

Mavala Lashes Nourishing Waterproof Mascara - Black

S.R 84

Mavala Waterproof Lash Nourishing Mascara:The mascara's water-resistant, nourishing and smoothing formula gives a beautiful color, helps extend the life of the eyelashes and protects them.The innovative specially designed curved brush with a delicate, adaptive formula covers even the shortest eyelashes from the roots to the tips, and gives intense ..

Mavala Nourishing Lashes Mascara - Black

S.R 84

Nourishing mascara from Mavala: The smoothing and nourishing waterproof mascara formula that gives a beautiful color, helps extend the life of the eyelashes and protects them. It guarantees a longer stay without peeling or causing any stains.The innovative curved brush, specially prepared, with the delicate, adaptive formula covers even the shortes..

Superstar Mascara 622

S.R 40

Super-Volumized. Super-Extended. Superstar Lashes.\nOur first Primer and Mascara for a show-stopping lash effect. Super-volumizing primer builds dramatic volume on every lash and creates an ultra smooth base to maximize mascara performance. Super-extending Mascara with a fiber-rich black formula...

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