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Mavala k + Scientifique Nail Hardener 5ml

S.R 63

The nail tip is the most crisp part of the nails, and breaks easily. It must therefore be greatly strengthened. With the immediate penetration and rapid strengthening of Ciantevic Mavala, the nails look healthier and stronger. Its own formula strengthens the surface of the nails, so that the nail can regain its natural growth...

Mavala Mavala Nail Polish Cream

S.R 51

Damaged cuticles give nails a neglected look. Mavalas Cuticle Cream softens the skin around the nail allowing it to be gently rolled back. Provides good looking nails...

Mavala Nail Polish Remover - Blue 100 ml

S.R 29

Mavala Deux Nail Polish Remover is a classic formula with acetone to quickly remove nail polish..

Oil and nail polish from Mavala, one-piece package

S.R 76

_x000D_\nSkin care surrounding the nail_x000D_\nSean care to keep your nails hydrated_x000D_\n Contains Vegetable Oils_x000D_\n_x000D_\n..


S.R 86

Mavala Eye Contour GelMAVALA EYE CONTOUR GEL... Light and cooling, a gel for daytime use which prolongs the beneficial effects of Eye Contour Double Cream.From Switzerland, a light, refreshing gel for daytime use protects and moisturizes the delicate skin around the eyes. A perfect base for eye make-up.Moisturizing eye makeup base. Light and transp..


S.R 40

Description: The Mavala Mavadry Nail Polish Dryer Spray speeds up the drying process so you can get on with your day without the fear of smudging! Your nails will be left touch-dry in seconds for a perfect manicure every time. The quick and convenient nail polish drying spray is essential for pre-event preparation or for instantly fixing chipped po..

Mavala Scientifique Pen Nails Stronger Keratin 4.5 ml

S.R 83

Mavala Scientifique Creme Pen To Strengthen Nails 4.5 ml:The head of the nail is the most fragile part, Most of it is unprotected and breaks easily.Advantages :A handy pencil that rebuilds soft nails or that break into their natural, strong side.Strong formula on nail by applying 3 coats together.This pen contains a water-based solution that does n..

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